Dominatrix Mistress Pomf stands in the forest, cloaked in shiny green latex and as she beckons you closer with her finger.

BDSM Submissive Training by Mistress Pomf

By MistressPomf | May 22, 2022

Discover your sexual true north with Me as your femdom Goddess. Be it through power exchange, BDSM submissive training or simply conversation. I’m pleased you’ve awakened enough to find the gates of My garden. Or perhaps My precious terrain heard your call, and outstretched its […]

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Denver Dominatrix Mistress Pomf roleplays as the Secretary in a blackmail fetish scene.

Blackmail Fetish ~ Role-play by The Secretary

By MistressPomf | May 22, 2022

This Femdom secretary has all the glory, pleasure, and shame on you in this erotic blackmail fetish scene. Embrace your new position…. Blackmail Fetish is common. I love doing erotic blackmail scenes but I haven’t promoted them too much over the years. My reasons for […]

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Dominatrix Mistress Pomf embodies BDSM roleplay fetish as she holds her sexy librarian glasses up to her lips and looks at you from afar while reading an erotica book from her BDSM fetish library.

Sexy Librarian ~ Role-Play Fetish as The Librarian

By MistressPomf | May 22, 2022

Be a worthy patron & bask in My BDSM library. Explore Role Play Fetish with My repertoire of dominant personas hosted by the sexy librarian. The Librarian is the guide and archivist of The Mistress Pomf Collection. Her presence leads you down the story lines […]

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Femdom Facesitting: The Heart of Femdom Breathplay

By MistressPomf | August 23, 2019

Facesitting: The Heart of Femdom Breathplay Facesitting is the heart of Femdom breathplay. If you haven’t already found your place beneath My ass then what are you waiting for?  Plump, luscious, gorgeous…  A divine and succulent fruit you will worship and thirst for but never […]

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The chin dimple of Christina Hendricks. (As though she couldn't get sexier!)

Chin Dimple Fetish: My Top Fetish

By MistressPomf | February 15, 2019

Chin dimple fetish: My Top Fetishes: Part 1 I have a “strange“ fetish apparently. Firstly, it’s strange as I’ve yet to meet anyone else who has it. Secondly, I’ve yet to find someone even on the internet who legitimately has it. It’s not just an […]

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Mistress Pomf seductively holds a trifle in a sploshing fetish session

My Sploshing Fetish

By MistressPomf | November 14, 2018

Sploshing fetish is full of sexy, exciting sensation play! Delight in exploring textures, temperatures, smells, & cheeky humiliation with Me. Many find sploshing fetish sessions humiliating. They’re an opportunity to explore sensation play on the human body. The textures, temperatures, and smells are just a […]

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Mistress Pomf Cake Sitting

Beneath a Cake Sitting

By MistressPomf | July 24, 2018

Cake Sitting Fetish in a Session with Mistress Pomf What is cake sitting? Cake Sitting: a fetish where one sits on cakes for sexual pleasure. Cake sitting is a subcategory of wet and messy fetish (WAM) also known as sploshing. i had a session with […]

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Dominatrix role plays as Teacher in BDSM power exchange.

BDSM Power Exchange: What Makes Great Power Exchanges?

By MistressPomf | July 20, 2018

Topping from the bottom erodes the BDSM power exchange BDSM power exchange is one of the top reasons many people enjoy BDSM. Being a Dominant is about having confidence and faith in My craft. It means acknowledging My instincts. It also means examining whether or […]

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Mistress Pomf Holding Janus Magazine (Number One)

30 Years of Purification Makes a Better slave

By MistressPomf | May 15, 2018

Opening to “30 Years of Female Domination”, a captivating account of three decades committed to slave-hood. I turned 30 years old this past March. On the day before My birthday I granted slave p a session. he took good notice of My gifts list. I […]

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Digital Prophylactics

By Freedomme | April 7, 2018

Digital Prophylactics This is an attempt to present and ingrain a digital remedy for enduring the condemnation and censorship by a puritanically afflicted government and subsequent regulations. Not unlike when the techies intervened in the Arab Spring coming to the people’s aid at liberating their […]

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Dominatrix Mistress Pomf Holding Riding Crop

Mistress Pomf’s London Tour!

By MistressPomf | March 18, 2018

Mistress Pomf’s London Tour! Hello darling slaves, Exciting news!!! This American Dominatrix is going to be taking sessions in London on March 29, 30, and 31st! As of yet, I’ve composed all My sessions in the North of England. Therefore I’m thrilled about this upcoming […]

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Mistress Pomf Shows Strong Muscular Legs While Spitting Milk

Leg Fetish Revisted With: The Tale of a Leg Worshiper

By MistressPomf | March 1, 2018

  Foot fetish gets so much spotlight. So much so, that I’d forgotten about the leg fetishists of the world… Until recently when one contacted Me for a session. Funny enough, the first session I gave as a Pro Domme was to a leg fetishist. […]

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