Dream for a minute...

My divine features.
A voice like velvet that soothes, titillates, and claws into you.

A mind trained in the art of Domination...

I’m an artist through and through.
Domination is a craft.

 What do I love most of all about being a Dominatrix?

I’m your Leader, Guide, and Creator.
I have full trust in the Power Exchange...

"Mistress Pomf is without a doubt one of the
most commanding and powerful Mistresses.
She has a quiet grace to her commands that
demonstrate Her total belief that She rules.
When a command is said without any “effect”
added, it feels so much more like a matter of
fact. No pretender is required, She is in charge
and you’ll be grateful of it."

"Mistress Pomf understands what it is to
dominate a man.
She gets inside my head and torments me
like no one else. She creates a world of Her own
with Her voice that envelops my soul.“


“She can be forceful yet always graceful! She is
grace itself! Each time i'm granted a session,
i'm nourished with what no other Mistress could
seem to give me for years of searching. Her
technique is like no other. Such elegance.”


My style is unpredictable.

It ranges from brilliant verbals to the eerie power of silence.
I’m a sadist with the dirtiest laugh and most devilish smile...

Surrender to Me, enter My realm, and be freed from the boredom of your tragic world.

Float in the ecstasy of your submission...

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South Florida : NOW!

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Denver, Colorado : TBA

Seattle, Washington : TBA

Phoenix, Arizona : TBA

NYC : Sept. TBA

Austin : TBA

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