30 Fetishes Before 30!

By MistressPomf | February 13, 2018

30 Fetishes Before 30! My darling submissives,   By the end of March I will shockingly be turning 30. Yeah, what the fuck is right! That came quick! I don’t know how I feel about hitting 30, but I know I’d like to go out […]

Mistress Pomf Looking Into Toilet Box

The Session Diary of a Toilet… slave!

By MistressPomf | February 7, 2018

Upon arrival at Mistress Pomf’s chambers, I found that a session had been crafted for U/us that had fit my requirements perfectly. Her attention to detail in the pre-session communications was excellent. It meant that W/we had a very good understanding of limits and outcomes […]

Vintage Image of a Mistress

Now Granting Same Day Sessions!

By MistressPomf | February 6, 2018

Same Day Sessions! My darling submissives, At the moment I am offering same day sessions! For same day bookings, you still need to fill out the Application form on My bookings page. Make sure to read My FAQ before applying. In “preferred dates and time” […]

Getting Started with Bitcoin

By Freedomme | January 31, 2018

This guide is intended to be simple and is only concerned with getting someone initially set up for using Bitcoin. With that in mind, there will be no justification of recommendations or education on the intricacies of Bitcoin. All recommendations have been astutely considered using […]

Poop and Prejudice: on scat play & hardsports

By MistressPomf | January 22, 2018

If you told Me I’d be shitting on a man’s willing face back when I was a blossoming Mistress, I’d not have been too surprised but I’d wonder how I got there. When I started experimenting I never thought much about scat play, hardsports, or […]

New York Dominatrix Mistress Pomf lying in a chair in sexy lingerie and stockings

It Was Inevitable

By MistressPomf | January 14, 2018

~It Was Inevitable~ My darling readers, Welcome to the debut of My blog! No, I won’t be boasting about cash pigs supposedly funding Me. And I won’t be juggling Femdom cliches as a substitute for worthwhile content. I will however, share with you My origins […]

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