For general inquiries, email me at Be concise in your request. Read the FAQ and Fetishes pages before contacting me. They are informative and help speed up the booking process. It is obvious to me when they have not been read and doing so can result in rejection of your request. I DO NOT provide illegal services. I am a Dominatrix. DO NOT ask Me for sexual services. Sessions are centered around BDSM, fetish & Female Domination.

Be honest and inform me of any physical limitations and health/medical issues so that I can plan accordingly. I am happy to work with all abilities and experience levels, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and the neurodivergent. Honesty, good communication, and consent are the foundations of healthy BDSM/kink practices. They also help Me tailor a unique and session.

For those who cannot serve in the flesh, I also offer webcam sessions. You can submit an application to play virtually here.

I will always communicate with you via email, except for directly before your session time when I may require direct communication for entry instructions to My chambers.
I will never call you unsolicited.
Please ONLY select the "Fly Me to you" option if you are truly ready to pay for all My travel expenses, (this includes first class plane ticket, hotel, dungeon rental if needed, taxi to & from you, shared meals, etc.) If you cannot pay this, you can apply & wait for Me to tour your city (if I do). Visit My Tour page for details on this.
I recommend booking at least 1.5 hours for a session. 1 hour is lovely, but goes very fast! 1.5 hours is at least enough time to immerse more deeply, which is what W/we all desire, now isn't it? 💋 Book 2 or more hours, and we'll connect on an even deeper level, exploring a dimension not found elsewhere ~ because it is created by Me...
✖️DO NOT apply for: sex, oral, or any kind of above the knee worship!✖️I will NOT reply. I DO NOT provide sexual services. Sessions are centered around BDSM/Kink. Read the Fetishes page which lists My Interests & Limits.
Please, don't bore Me. Ground yourself and meditate on what's beneath the surface of basic lust. A BDSM/kink scene offers more beyond even lust.
I delight in engaging with My submissives over social media such as X!
Listing "none" will result in rejection of your application. If you are unsure of your hard limits, list "Unsure."
* Any answer is acceptable. Furthermore, we change and evolve throughout our BDSM/fetish journeys. Pick the best answer for you. I include this fine print in effort to tailor scenes to each applicant. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * Humiliation is subjective. It is uniquely cultivated by a D/s pair over time & experience playing together. Giving intense or extreme humiliation is exhilarating for Me, however I use My discretion when you haven’t submitted to Me before. The sensitivity, tolerance, and desired level of humiliation as well as experience in receiving it varies from person to person. The level of these components may also vary from one another. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * I consider humiliation to be a mental form of pain given/received. It is not desirable for Me to mentally scar you to the point of damaging you outside of O/our scene. Should I grant you a session, and you desire to be humiliated, we can discuss it more intricately during your consult call (provided after I receive your deposit required for booking).
List any references you have from other pro Dommes or companions

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