Hello darling slaves,

Exciting news!!! This American Dominatrix is going to be taking sessions in London on March 29, 30, and 31st! As of yet, I’ve composed all My sessions in the North of England. Therefore I’m thrilled about this upcoming experience in London. This will be My last tour for the foreseeable future in London. Furthermore, I am announcing that I will be leaving the UK in May, and onward to dominate slutty Americans. I am going to miss you British sluts! But enough of that mushy stuff. That’ll be for another blog.

Unfortunately, My hardsports booking slots are already reserved, however everything else on My Kinks & Fetishes list will be considered for session activities. I’m taking deposits in advance for sessions, so if you’d like to apply to serve Me, get those applications in asap.

FYI ~ My birthday is on the 29! you are welcome to shower Me in gifts. Check out My Gifts page for some ideas.

Mailing List

Tour Dates

San Fran : Jan. 29, 30

S. Florida : Feb. 2-14 + Feb. 22 - Mar. 15

Apply Here!

Phoenix : May 23
Denver : June 10-12, 15
S Florida : June 15-July 24th          

       Seattle : Mid-Augst