My darling submissives,


By the end of March I will shockingly be turning 30. Yeah, what the fuck is right! That came quick! I don’t know how I feel about hitting 30, but I know I’d like to go out of My 20’s with a bang, especially with banging some of your asses!
In sharing the joy of My birthday….
I’ll be giving special celebratory rates when you pick a session type 1-30 listed in the numbers below and secure the booking for it!


  • The session must revolve around this specific fetish I’m into. (W/we can still explore some other fetishes during the session of course.)
  • The minimum time for a session is 1 hour.
  • you must secure your booking with a small non-refundable 10 pound Amazon Evoucher sent to My email at (For hardsports bookings the deposit will be larger however, as this is My usual protocol. )
  • I will only offer the fetishes once, so it is first come, first serve Me!
If you consent to it,  I would like to take a photo of you for My memory as well as to share on My Twitter feed while wearing My Princess Pomf crown. (Of course you may appear masked if you want.
I’ll be updating you all as W/we go, crossing out the  fetishes as they are taken. This last chance to celebrate with Me will be March 29th, so get your applications in now!
I think there’s a little something here for everyone to choose from:
  1. Ballbusting
  2. Balloon Fetish with Me in Latex
  3. Bondage/Restraint
  4. Breathplay
  5. Cage/Confinement: Locking you in a cage with a surprise twist
  6. Cake sitting followed by facesitting in latex knickers - you would bring the cake
  7. CBT
  8. Chastity
  9. Corporal Punishment
  10. Foot Worship
  11. Golden Showers/Watersports
  12. Hardsports right over your cling wrapped face ---good for novices!
  13. Hardsports: Any amount of consumption, no cling film
  14. Hardsports: full consumption
  15. Human Furniture
  16. Interrogation
  17. Latex
  18. Mummification
  19. Orgasm Control
  20. Roleplay: I particularly enjoy office and school roleplay, but I’d be curious if you have another proposal
  21. Shoe Worship
  22. Sissification
  23. Smoking Fetish or/with Human Ashtray
  24. Spitting/Spitting of chewed foods/Forced Feeding
  25. Sploshing/WAM (remember for this you need to get the list of foods I assign you!)
  26. Sounding
  27. Strap-On
  28. Tease and Denial
  29. Violet Wand
  30. Wax Play

*Some of you have asked Me what you can get Me as a birthday present. Here are some ideas on the
Gifts page of My site.

Mistress Pomf


Mailing List

Tour Dates

Los Angeles, CA  : May 9, 10, 19

San Diego, CA : May 15-17

Phoenix, AZ : June 3, 4 

Denver, CO : June 14-Oct. 

South Florida : Oct. 23, Nov. 1-21 & 26-30

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