Of course I love gifts! They’re a special touch when given to Me along with My tribute at the start of sessions. And they’re lovely to receive when sent spontaneously to My email. They won’t ever gain you special privileges, but yes they are so appreciated.

I’m eclectic and have a wide range of tastes and interests…kind of like My kinks! Gift options include sending Me tribute or vouchers listed below to My email at or bringing the gift along with you to the next session I grant you. My Amazon wishlist has loads of different things I want in it.

Feet: Size 9

Bra: 36D

Favorite perfrume: Flowerbomb 

Below are some ideas of gifts that make Me happy:

Tribute via My Iwantclips store.

Etsy Giftcard

Amazon Wishlist: Evoucher

Miniature cakes and other foods like these: Link here (I don’t like ones made into earrings or with links on them. I really love miniatures made on their own as shown in the link. Exquisite!

Antique miniatures or erotic miniatures

Vintage erotic art prints or small crafts, the more focused on fetish, the better

Vintage FemDom or fetish magazines like Janus or this

Pin-up girl prints

Flowers: Roses (large, baby, heirloom), Peonies, Daisies, Tulips, Orchids, (if given in person, you must follow session etiquette and be discreet when taking these to My chambers).

Donation to MASH: Manchester Action on Street Health offers free and confidential support services for women who sex work on the street of Manchester. Alongside providing condoms and needle exchange, they also offer a sexual health clinic, therapeutic services and offer long term case work to address issues such as drug addiction, housing and money problems if women wish to access them. You can visit their website here to donate.

Donation to National Ugly Mugs: non-profit organisation which takes reports of violent incidents and shares them amongst other sex workers and front line support services. They also support sex workers in reporting these incidents to the police if they wish to, and ensure sex workers have access to the appropriate support when they have been the victim of a crime. You can visit their website here to donate.